Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Not Me Monday

I am going to participate in MckMama's Not Me Monday. This is where you get to talk about things you would never do, but somehow might of, and not really admit to it.

I did not make dinner rolls for Christmas dinner and then leave them in the oven to find them Sunday afternoon when I went to bake some corn bread.

I did not take my kids into TJ Maxx to look for a New Year's Eve outfit and lecture them about behaving. I did not take my 3 kids and Conner's friend Micah into the home decor section and to just look around. And I most certainly DID NOT pick up one wire basket from the top shelf and it did not start a chain reaction that caused everything on that shelf to fall on me and onto the floor. I did not try to use my body to hold stuff up and get stuck in this position as my kids were standing there wide eyed with their mouth's wide open. Candle sticks, picture frames, you name it, it did not fall over. And there was not a glass picture frame that fell over and knocked everything off of the top shelf from the next aisle over. And everything that fell off that shelf was not glass vases. And my poor tramatized 8 year old did not tell the lady that works there that if her mommy has to pay for all of the stuff she broke they could have the $60 from her savings account.

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Amelia said...

LOL! Good thing that did NOT happen! Sounds like something I would certainly never do. HA! Fun post. :-)