Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas eve

We always open one present on Christmas eve so this year the kids had to wait until I got home from work. I got a beautiful watch from Callie. Jim got some much needed jeans. Polly liked them a lot. Emma and Conner got new Nintendo DSes. Callie got her Coastal Sense 88 shimmer pallette eyeshadows.
We were all very happy.
Merry Christmas Eve!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Photo shoot~Emma

Photo shoots-Callie

This is our, the kids don't get school pictures done
& we are low on funds, photo shoot.
Callie really enjoyed modeling for me.
I loved the way these turned out.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Helen Keller- braille

Callie is learning about Helen Keller right now.
We are working on a lapbook.
This is Callie learning about Braille.
She was making cards to put in her lapbook
and made one with her name on it.
Homeschooling the fun way!

Mr Picky

To say that Conner is a picky eater is an understatement.
Please ignore the blue eyeshadow.
Callie aspires to be a makeup artist.
Her brother is a willing palate.

Oh my gosh, I think this is so funny.
It is an orange segment!
Not brussel sprouts or liver and onions.
That is what my parents forced me to eat.
Jim had to eat cow tongue.
An orange!
Here it comes. . . . .

He is gagging on an orange!
I don't know what else to say.

Saturday, December 5, 2009



Polly- the cake licker


Jesse Tree- Days 4 & 5

Day 4- Abraham
Abraham was called by God to leave his country
and go to another country
he had never seen before.
Abraham obeyed God and he was blessed.
He became the father of many.

Day 5- Isaac & the Lamb
Even though Abraham waited a long time to have a son,
when God asked him to sacrifice Isaac he obeyed God.
Because of his obedience,
God spared Isaac and provided a
Lamb to be sacrificed in his place.
Jesus took our place on the cross,
just as the lamb took Isaac's place,
so we could live.

Friday, December 4, 2009

So sweet

I wake up earlier than the kids and I usually
go and get the puppy to let her out.
The first time I searched her cage and could not find her.
That was because she was all warm and cuddly with Emma.
So every morning I go to get her I always have
to dig down into the covers to find her.
This is where I found her this morning.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dec 1st-3rd Jesse Tree ornaments

Day 1- Creation
Someone hand painted the continents on
all 25 ornaments!
Now that is creativity.
Day 2- Adam and Eve
I love the snake's tongue.
Some people are so talented!
Day 3- Noah and the Flood.
How awesome!!!

Jesse Tree

The Jesse Tree is named from Isaiah 11:1:
"A shoot will spring forth from
the stump of Jesse, and a branch out of his roots."
A Jesse Tree is used to tell some of the main stories from the
Old Testament starting with creation through the birth of Christ.
I have read that many Churches
would have a tree carved into a wall of the church with a
symbol for each of the main stories.
This was a way for people, that did not own a bible,
to remember these stories.
I read about Jesse Trees last year and really wanted to do one.
The thought of making the 25 ornaments on my
own was just too overwhelming.
I did find some templates on the internet that
I could have printed off and had the kids color.
This year I was so blessed to be a part of
Desert Springs Community Church homeschool co-op.
And guess what I found out they were
doing for the end of the year party!
A Jesse Tree ornament swap!
Everyone had to make 25 of one type of ornament
and wrap them with the day
they symbolize marked on the package.
Each day from Dec 1st - the 25th
we open one package.
There is a devotional that goes with each day.
I feel so blessed that God knows me so
well and even answers my desires for
what seems like simple things.

Here are the 25 ornaments I made for day #18.

Jeremiah 31:33 (New Living Translation)
"But this is the new covenant I will
make with the people of Israel on that day,”
says the Lord. “I will put my instructions
deep within them, and I will write them
on their hearts. I will be their God,
and they will be my people.
Here are all of the ornaments waiting to be swapped.

I can't wait to see what they all look like.

Polly Clark

This is Polly
Emma's chihuahua.

We really love her.
I mean really, who would not love a face like that?

And those EARS!
Ohhhhh, she is so cute!

Here she is chewing on Trevor's shoes.

Here she is sharing with Dusty.

Here is Dusty, not at all happy about the sharing.

Here is Polly standing in Dusty's food bowl eating her own food.
(you are welcome Dusty)

She is so sweet. . . . . . . .

. . . . . . except when she is on a leash.
That is our story about Polly Clark
. . . to be cont.

Emma K. Clark, 9 years old

This is what time I got my wake up call on Wednesday, Dec 2, 2009.
It was Emma's 9th birthday
and we had 3 very excited children
& a daddy that had to go to work.

So Emma got some great Birthday gifts!
A cowgirl belt, a Moxie girl, a pink hair stick for cool
highlights. And of course, Polly, Emma's chihuahua.
We have had Polly for 2 weeks.
Polly got a collar & leash.
Happy Birthday Emma!

Then we had some birthday bathing, complete with goggles!
A free meal at Red Robin's completed
our birthday celebration!
Papa, Bamma, Uncles David & Brock,
Jessica & Aubree
and Suzanne & Danille
celebrated with us.

Happy Birthday Emma!!!!!!!