Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Emma

This is the day we met you.
We did not know if you were
a boy or a girl. Check out my big
belly. Daddy is.

Having you was so peaceful.
I had the best epidural so I did not feel
any pain at all.
I can still remember every moment.
I remember watching you come out.
Daddy was so awesome.
He got to be the first
person to ever hold you.

How many daddies can say that?

I had you at the hospital I worked at. So there was alot of nurses in the room watching.

This is one of my favorite, Karen Gamboa.
Look at Daddy. He says you were soooo slippery.

This is what you call
Love at first sight.

Having a family is the greatest gift from
God I could ever imagine.

Emma, we are so blessed to have you.
These moments feel like they were just yesterday.
You are growing up so fast. You were the best baby.
You were the funniest toddler. You are the most loving,
sweet, silly, affectionate and unique little girl.

I love watching you grow up.
I love the way you love others.
I love the way you love animals.
I love being your teacher.
I love being your mommy.

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limonurse said...

She is such a sweetheart. I am so glad that she is in my life along with her mommy!! Thank you for being my friend and such a good mommy to our Emmadem!!