Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Have a baby?

On Monday we started out at church and worked with all the other bible study moms. We organized all the gifts for our church's Christmas party. On Thursday night Emma and her Praise and Worship class will be performing for some children from our community. Those children will then all receive a gift that has been purchased just for them. Our church works along side All-Faith ministry to provide food, clothing and even job training for families in need. This is the same organization we volunteered for on Thanksgiving. I highly recommend it. It really is fun and they are very organized and well run. I am sure I will have some awesome pictures after Thursday night. After helping at church we met our friend Amelia at the pond in Litchfield. We played at the park and fed the ducks. We had our little buddy Ben with us. He is almost 3. We get him 3 afternoons a week.
This is Conner with Amelia's 14 month old daughter Bella. We just love her. She is walking all over and Conner loved holding her hand and leading her around. When people ask me about homeschooling and socialization, this is what I think of. My kids loving on other kids of ALL AGES! Plus, if you know my kids, you know they have no problem in the social department.

Amelia also watches her 20 month old niece and her friend's 10 month old daughter. That just meant babies for all of us! How cool is that? We will be hanging out with Amelia more often I hope. This is Callie doing what she does best.

Have a baby you want to share? Call us. We will be right over.

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Amelia said...

I love this! Such cute pictures! :-) More park dates are in order FOR SURE! We had so much fun.