Friday, June 19, 2009

3 little kids

3 little kids all tucked in bed.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Family Discovery- Williams Dam

Last Sunday we had a family day.
We are making an effort to come together and unify.
We are finding what is important.
It is not just being a good mom and a good dad.
Because I really think we are those things.
It is also about being a good family.
And that means being a husband and wife together. A team.
So after we left our adventure at the actual train depot,
we discovered this beautiful lake and dam.

And those are just some of our memories.

Family Discovery- Williams Train Station

Another part of our exciting adventure in Williams, Arizona
was riding on the vintage train.

The kids and Jim spotted a doe sitting under a tree.
So we ended up singing.
You know the song!
Doe a deer, a female deer.
Ray a drop of golden sunnnnn
Me a name, I call myself
Fa a long long way to runnnnn
Ha! Now you have it in your head!
This was our tailgate lunch.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Family Discovery - Disney Promo

I had seen on the news that Disney was going to be at the
Grand Canyon Railway in Williams, Arizona.
They were going to do a promo for the movie
A Christmas Carol.
It comes out in Nov and stars Jim Carrey.
There were some free events so we thought it would be fun.

This was the line to get into the train.

So we got some tatoos while we were waiting.

Once inside the train, we were able to see some
Charles Dicken's museum pieces.

We also saw some costumes from the movie.

We were able to see some very cool things from the movie.
There were about 7 train cars we walked through.
Some trains had displays on how they did the special effects.

We got to enjoy a little Christmas
at the end of May.
We left 100 degree temps to enjoy
70 degree temps.
Which feels like Christmas to us!

The last part of the Disney adventure was watching part of the movie,
in 3-D!

Family Discovery - The drive

Everyone knows that when you have kids,
the drive is half of the adventure. This is our first potty break.
We took photos to remember the event.
They are great photos.
Our idea of nutrition when we are on a
road trip or camping,
is a lot different than our idea of
nutrition at home.

Easy Cheese!
A road trip must have!!!!!!

Feeding the driver - very important!

Feeding the children.
Equally important!

The before picture- on the way up to Williams.

The after picture- on the way home from Williams!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tonto Natural Bridge

My friend Lori and I decided it would be a good idea to take the silliest bunch of kids on a road trip and adventure to the Tonto Natural Bridge.
The following photos are what happens when you take
silly children on a road trip and adventure.

It was a beautiful day.
Notice this bridge.
We will be standing on it in a few more photos.

Here we are on the bridge that you just saw up above.
It was a bit of a hike.
But so worth it!

The water was a mist by the time it reached us.
It was already a little cold but this made it chilly.
Just how I like it.

Part 2 coming up. . .