Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mod Podge rules!

We made this for Callie's bedroom.
It is just strips of scrapbooking paper that is mod podged onto cardboard.
I printed sayings like, "big sister, bookworm, daddy's little girl"
onto scrapbook paper and Callie cut it out for me.
She is the one that made the list.
Fashionista is my fav.
I have had this frame for about 10 years.
I think I may have bought it before Callie was born.
I actually bought three of them.
The glass is broken out of one so I need to get that replaced.
They will look so beautiful in Callie's shabby chic room.
Now we need to decide what to do in the other two.
Any ideas?
Check out this blog
I am linking to it so I can enter to win
something really cool.
Wish me luck*************************

Sunday, September 20, 2009


This is Emma's ferret Stinky.
He is a little bit stinky but not too bad.
We love him alot.
He is the funniest little critter pet
we have ever had.
He chases us around.
He licks our legs when we get out of the shower.
He loves to chew on velcro.
He is litter box trained.
He steals shoes and hides them under Emma's bed.
He smells Dusty's booty and makes him growl,
especially in the middle of the night when he
gets his cage door open.
He hides under our bed and bites my
toes when I am making the bed.
When he is really happy, he squeaks when he runs.
When he is tired, he yawns.
Isn't he cute!!!!???
Photos by Emma K. Clark

Emma's new business

How cute is that?
What you can't see is the sign on the back.
I think she is selling rides and artwork.
Right now her artwork is on display
in the front room.
She has the original artwork taped up on the walls.
She will not sell the originals.
She has created copies that are for sale
in her "gift shop".
I really need to get some pictures of her art gallery.
Fun times.

I am back!!!

The batteries in my camera have been dead,
and I just cannot blog without pictures!
Here is a beautiful Arizona sunset.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Family Business

Jim's mom taught me how to make these
socks when Callie was a baby.
I have made a few pairs here and there
for the girls when they were babies.
Or for a gift for a new baby.
Now my girls are old enough to learn!
It was so fun teaching them.
We can now start a family business!

Conner worked on his turtle.
I will have to post the photos of the
finished project later.

Sock making is our new favorite thing to do when we are
watching Little House On the Prairie.
We have started season 2!

Friday, September 4, 2009

choosing Thomas

I don't know if this link will work. You might have to cut and paste it. Or, you can google Choosing Thomas. If you are pregnant then you might not want to watch this. It is the story of a couple that choose to trust God and choose to have their son Thomas. Thomas was diagnosed in the womb with Trisomy 13. This diagnosis is incompatible with life. It is a beautiful story.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Awesome friends

I was going through some pictures and
realized that I did not blog about some
really awesome happenings this past summer!
How could I not blog about my
awesome birthday celebration
with my awesome friends!!!!!

First we went out for some mexican food. of course

Then we tried some karoke.
That did not work out so well.
(can I just say Conway Twitty and Willie Nelson
were the featured artists for some reason)
My awesome friends did sing me a song.
That was awesome.

We then spent the night at the awesome Wigwam resort.
We then slept in, again awesome!
Then we hung out in the pool for awhile.
I have the most awesome friends!

First day of dove season.

These pictures were taken today with Jim's cell phone.
First day of dove season and the first hunting trip with all 3 kids.
I had to stay home and babysit.
Jim said the kids had fun!!!!!

Callie looks like a professional bird hunter!
She shot 2 birds!
Her first ever.
Emma shot a bird.

Conner just scouted out the birds for everyone else.

Why is he in his spidey pajamas?
Because Jim loaded him up at 4 am and brought
along clothes for him to change into later.
He forgot underwear so Conner refused to get dressed.