Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My digital camera is no longer with us.
Our TV stopped working a couple of weeks ago.
There was not any sound.
I was ok with that, I am not a big fan of TV.
Jim was able to somehow fix it.
Last week our dishwasher started to make very odd sounds.
I am not ok with that, I am a BIG fan of my dishwasher.
Yesterday our refrigerator stopped working properly.
We have one in the garage we moved everything to.
I am grateful for that.
What is going on??????
Does anyone know a dishwasher and refrigerator repairman?

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limonurse said...

Poor Amey. I am a big fan of my dishwasher too!! I love my dishwasher!! And my fridge. :) Really the fridge. It will be okay. It will all work out.