Friday, November 14, 2008

Future Hero

I did my Veteran's Day post on Heroes
of the past and present.
Today I want to tell you about

Future Heroes

This is Martika
We know her as Tika.

We love her.

She goes to our church and has watched our kids.

She will be entering the military when she graduates from high school in June of 2010. She is beautiful. The most awesome thing I can tell you about Tika is that she

Loves the Lord!

This is her date to her high school military ball. His name is Pvt. Joe Whipple. He is leaving the 22nd or 24th of this month for a long stay in Korea with the US Army.

He is 19. Please add him to your prayers.

Thank you Joe and thanks in advance to Tika!

We love you!!!!!

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