Monday, November 17, 2008

my camera

I just need to announce the death of my digital camera.
It was just shy of 5 years old.
It has been many places with us.
It was kind of old and not very cool.
But it took great pictures.
It fell off the top of the stroller on the way to the park.
It has ridden there many times.
I can use Jim's camera.
But it's pictures come out a little grainy.
I can use my cell phone camera.
But I have to figure out how to download pictures off of it.
I will miss my trusty sidekick.

1 comment:

limonurse said...

I am so sorry for your camera. When's the funeral? You need to ask for donations for a new camera in lieu of floweres. rofl. You just send your pics to your email like you would a text message and then you can download them from your email. It's really easy.