Saturday, November 29, 2008

Callie in pictures

We were trying to get some nice pictures
of everyone on Thanksgiving.

Someone gave Callie some sugar.

Here she is trying to give Bamma a facelift.

"Callie, move! I want a picture of just Bamma and Papa!"
(Look at Papa, all posed and ready.)

Well, that is almost out of the picture.
I can just crop her out.

Now she is trying to give Uncle Brock
a facelift.
"Callie, stop it. Just smile please."

"How about with your mouth closed next time?"

"CALLIE! Would you please just smile.
I want a nice picture of you two."

"Knock it off Callie. Can we just get one picture where you are just smiling normally? PLEASE!"

Thank you Callie.

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