Friday, November 7, 2008

It's cold and I LOVE IT!!!!!

It's COLD and I am loving it!!!!
Just one week ago it was almost 100 degrees!
I was a little angry about that.
I mean, it was one day before NOVEMBER, which would mean FALL!
So, now that it is so nice out, I open all of the windows.
My kids wake up FREEZING!
So being the super nice mom I am. . . .
I leave the windows open. . . . .

. . . . and I make HOT COCOA!!!!!!

Got the marshmallows.

They look warm to me!!!!!

Notice cell phone in hand. Her friend Katelyn is texting her from Disneyland.
She is homeschooled too.


shawna said...

How fun. It started getting cold here last week! Miss ya'll!

Hadley Family said...

Cold? That's cold? Now I admit that it's not much colder here than it is there......but my point's NOT cold! For being new to blogging, you're doing a great job!