Monday, August 10, 2009

Silly moms!

This is for my fellow blogger Lynnette.
Just so she knows she is
not the only spazzy mom out there!
I know I feel better knowing I am
not the only silly mom out there.
The top video is Callie and I
trying to cheer Emma up.
She was sad because we gave our dog
Petey to some good friends of ours.
Callie and I were on our way home
from the childbirth class I teach.
The second video is the one
Emma sent back to us.
I think we cheered her up a bit.


Lynnette Kraft said...

That's AWESOME! Love it!

Can we spaz out or what!? I'm so glad I could give you a little inspiration today. ha!

Your husband is awesome too! Are our men cool or what? hee hee


Amelia said...

I LOVE this...aaaand I'm glad you posted it on your blog b/c my silly computer won't let me upgrade my flash player so I couldn't watch it when you posted it on Facebook. :-) Coolest mom ever! Ha ha.