Monday, August 17, 2009

Secret Keeper Girls-Facials!

We had our 2nd Secret Keeper Girl meeting.
Date #2 was
Studying My Own Beauty
God's idea of beauty is nothing like
this world's idea of beauty.
Our key verse is
Song of Songs 6:8-9
Sixty queens there may be,
and eighty concubines, and
virgins beyond number;
but my dove,
my perfect one,
is unique."

I am just in awe of what God is doing with
this awesome, unique, priceless
group of girls.
The moms in this group are
hungry for what God has for our girls.
I just think these girls are so beautiful.
I have had 2 moms contact me to start a
Secret Keeper Girl club!
How exciting is that!?
We are going to have the
breakthrough anointing for this group!
If you are interested in starting a group
I say go for it!
You can do it one on one
with your daughter,
or start a small group.
You can do the dates by going out
and paying for them, or you can go the
economical route like us
and do them in the home.
Our next date will be one on one
in our own homes.
We will be setting up a
bubble bath for our girls
and encourgaing them to have
a quiet encounter with God.
Then the 4th date is a
tour of art galleries.
In our area, once a month,
there is a FREE tour
of the downtown art galleries!
How cool is that!
God is so good.
If you want to check out our 1st
Secret Keeper Girl meeting,
click here. . .
To check out the Secret Keeper Girl website
click here. . . .
To check out the Secret Keeper Girl tour
click here. . . .

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