Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sundays are to celebrate!

I have been reading a book called Parenting in the Pew. It has come at a perfect time because God has been speaking to me about keeping our kids with us during church. I know he called us to homeschool so now I feel like He is expanding on that. Right now He is teaching me about something called Family Integrated Living or Family Discipleship. More about that later. So anyway, in Parenting in the Pew the author talks about how we celebrate birthdays and make them a special day and we should do no less for Sundays, as it is our Sabbath. I started to think about Sundays in our house when I was growing up. During the week we all got up and got ready and left for school at different times. Sunday was the one day we all had to do it together. My dad would put on worship music which meant either our BJ Thomas or our Bob Dylan record, the only Christian music we had. Those are good memories for me. So the last two Sundays I have gotten up early and gone for doughnuts.

I think the kids like this.

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