Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Crafty today too.

In the effort to do more family building activities
I decided that we need to do more crafts.
I am thinking birthday gifts and
Christmas gifts made by us.
How cool is that?
I pulled out my old cross stitch tote
and we enjoyed looking
at all of my unfinished cross stitch projects.
Most are from my high school years.
I have some beautiful things that I was
making for the children that
I would have one day.
One baby blanket is about half done.
It made me feel like my life was on
hold these past 10 years.
Really more than that if I count my
college and nursing school days.
I finally feel like I am living.

This cross stitch was one I started in high school.

The photo of Conner above shows his name in straight stitch that he did himself.

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