Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A project completed!!!

Everyone has at least one child that loves stuffed animals,
or so I have heard.
Emma is my stuffed animal lover.
I made her get rid of so many before we moved.
We laid them all on the floor and for everyone she kept
she had to get rid of one.
It was traumatic.
For all of us.
So this is her pile of stuffed animals.

This is her cutest stuffed animal trying to pull
another stuffed animal under the bed.
I bought this headboard/bookshelf at Goodwill for $7!
It was all brown and this is a picture
I took halfway through the painting.
Here is the almost finished project.
I mod podged some cute scrapbooking
paper onto the back of the shelves.
I got the idea to use elastic to create a "jail" effect for
holding the stuffed animals in from a magazine.
I had to dye the elastic brown.
Jim screwed them on for me.
I then hot glued some buttons over the screws.

Now they just need to stay in there!
I think it turned out pretty cute.
Now we just have to secure it to the wall so it doesn't fall over.

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Amelia said...

I just linked to this post on my blog. I wanted sooo badly to make this b/c Emma's turned out so adorable...and b/c of our need for better stuffed animal storage. However, I could not make the space in Bella's room, so I had to find a alternative solution.

Anyway, after I linked to your post I realized I had never told you how much I LOVE the way your animal jail turned out. So cute AND girly.

And P.S. I STILL think about dozens of my favorite stuffed animals (and dolls) from my childhood. I kept them in an old fashioned cradle. And if I think about them too long (I don't have even one of them anymore) I get sad almost to the point of crying. I can so relate to Emma here! I was that child in my family. So when you said getting rid of half of her stuffed animals was traumatizing for everyone, I could only imagine too vividly what that day might have been like. When she grows out of them and thinks she doesn't care what happens to them anymore, maybe you should secretly keep a couple of her very favorites packed away somewhere. She'll thank you when she's 26 and has her own daughters. :-D