Sunday, February 21, 2010

Valentine's Day

Cute & a little sassy!

We love our new church.
There is a real heart for children here.

The girls were able to participate in a
little production for Valentine's Day.

Bamma and Papa came to see the girls.

Pastor David did an awesome job
teaching about God's love for us.
He taught about how when Jesus died
on the cross that was really
the ultimate Valentine's Day.
He did it because he loves us.
He challenged us to love God with
ALL of our heart, soul and mind.
And to love our neighbor as we love ourselves.
(my paraphrase but you can
get the real deal here.)
This has been a challenge for Jim and I because we
tend to have some protective mechanisms
that lead us to want to protect ourselves from
being used and abused.
We kind of grew up with the idea that everyone
just wants something from you.
But we have discovered that
a) This has not worked out to well for us.
b) There are people out there that deserve our trust.
c) We at times may have used people ourselves.
Even if this was not done on purpose the
outcome to the other person is the same, they felt used.
d) This is really not trusting God.

Pastor David taught about the
2 beams to the cross.
The vertical beam is God reaching down and
extending his love, forgiveness, mercy,
grace and salvation to each one of us.
The horizontal beam represents
his desire for us to extend that same
love, forgiveness, mercy and grace to others.
Good stuff!

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