Friday, February 19, 2010

Random Thoughts!!!!!

I have noticed that many of my fellow bloggers
have been doing something called
Stream of Consciousness.
I like to call them Random Thoughts. . . . . . . . .
I really want to be better about posting on this blog.
I really want to use this blog to journal

about all the of awesome things God is doing in our life.
My 6 year old son will not go to the bathroom by himself.

He has to have a perpetual conversation
with whomever is nearby so he can reassure
himself he is not alone.

"Hey mommy."

"Yes Conner, what do you want?"

"Nothing, just making sure you are still there."

It is kind of funny actually.
I made the best BLTs tonight for dinner.
Our kids have made new friends.
They are the neighbor kids right down

the street from us.
Callie's glittery eyeliner is super cute.
Emma is coughing and coughing and coughing.
7 days with no Starbucks. : (
No fast food February at our house.
I have a goal that I will be better about cooking

healthy dinners every night.
I will have a weekly menu to help me reach my goal.
I really want a baby.
Jim and I have gone on more dates in the

last 6 months than we had in the last 6 years.
I really love a good tall glass of iced tea.
Ice tea is cheaper than Starbucks and a lot less calories.
Marriage retreat coming up in 27 days.
Need to find people to take our kids when

we go to our 1st ever Marriage retreat.
What we fasted and prayed for in January is

being played out before us.
God answers prayers.
My brother John came over this week

and make the best brownies.
He used honeybutter and vanilla soymilk.

Callie told me on Tuesday that she really,

really wants to go swimming.
She was wondering if we knew of anyone

with a heated pool.
Kathleen called us on Wednesday and asked

if we wanted to come swimming in the heated pool
at the Wigwam on Friday.
So Jim has Conner and Callie at the Wigwam swimming.
I am home with Emma.

Listening to her coughing and wondering
why bacon stinks up the house so bad.
I really like hummus.

That is pretty much all I had had to eat today
until I enjoyed the yummy BLT.
3 months til Family Camp!!!!!!!
Need to go play in the snow soon.
Girl Scout cookies came in.
Add that to the hummus and

THAT is pretty much all I had had to eat today.
Wish I had some pictures to add.
Jim added security to our computers.
Can't figure out how to download my camera.
Bacon really makes me thirsty.
I think I will go have some iced tea.


Lynnette Kraft said...

Now that is what I call RANDOM! And of course, I loved it! :)

I'd be happy to keep your kids while you go away. ha! If you lived closer, I really would.

So nice to stop by. I've missed you.

Hadley Family said...

I loved that idea...hmmmm I might have to steal it. I have been horrible about blogging lately. Obviously I am behind in read blogs.