Saturday, February 20, 2010

Creative Crafty Friend

This is my friend Micki
She just lost 64 pounds!
Isn't she pretty!!!

Callie gave her a makeover.

This is what she gave Callie for her birthday.

A cupcake tier!!!!

She got the plates and the sherbet cups at Savers.
Savers is like an upscale Goodwill. : )

She just used epoxy to glue it all together.

That little munchkin in the background
helped eat the yummy cake balls that
Micki made to put on the cupcake tier.


limonurse said...

Isn't my pink lipstick beautiful? lol Thanks for the shout out, you are the best!!

Hadley Family said...

I think she is about half my size now. I am so proud of her!