Sunday, September 20, 2009


This is Emma's ferret Stinky.
He is a little bit stinky but not too bad.
We love him alot.
He is the funniest little critter pet
we have ever had.
He chases us around.
He licks our legs when we get out of the shower.
He loves to chew on velcro.
He is litter box trained.
He steals shoes and hides them under Emma's bed.
He smells Dusty's booty and makes him growl,
especially in the middle of the night when he
gets his cage door open.
He hides under our bed and bites my
toes when I am making the bed.
When he is really happy, he squeaks when he runs.
When he is tired, he yawns.
Isn't he cute!!!!???
Photos by Emma K. Clark

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