Saturday, September 5, 2009

Family Business

Jim's mom taught me how to make these
socks when Callie was a baby.
I have made a few pairs here and there
for the girls when they were babies.
Or for a gift for a new baby.
Now my girls are old enough to learn!
It was so fun teaching them.
We can now start a family business!

Conner worked on his turtle.
I will have to post the photos of the
finished project later.

Sock making is our new favorite thing to do when we are
watching Little House On the Prairie.
We have started season 2!


limonurse said...

I hope you become wealthy with your new family business. :) lol kidding. I am excited for you and the girls though!!

Amelia said...

Are you really going to start a business with it? I want to be your first customer!

limonurse said...

I forgot to ask if Conner was gonna put his turtle for sale too? lol