Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mod Podge rules!

We made this for Callie's bedroom.
It is just strips of scrapbooking paper that is mod podged onto cardboard.
I printed sayings like, "big sister, bookworm, daddy's little girl"
onto scrapbook paper and Callie cut it out for me.
She is the one that made the list.
Fashionista is my fav.
I have had this frame for about 10 years.
I think I may have bought it before Callie was born.
I actually bought three of them.
The glass is broken out of one so I need to get that replaced.
They will look so beautiful in Callie's shabby chic room.
Now we need to decide what to do in the other two.
Any ideas?
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something really cool.
Wish me luck*************************

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