Monday, January 26, 2009

my baby

A few days ago Conner and I were at home alone.
A very rare occurrence.
Emma was at a friends and Callie was at the neighbor's house playing with their baby.
Conner asked for some mac and cheese.
One of his favorites.
So he sat at the table eating it and watching his cartoons. I sat there and watched him. It was one of those moments where your heart fills up and feels like it is going to explode.
I felt sooooo much love for him.
And then I felt the pain a mother feels when she realizes that her child is growing up SOOOOOOO FAST! I watched his little boy face. I noticed his little boy spoon and bowl.
These days are flying by.
All of our baby stuff is pretty much gone. I am holding onto our highchair. It is wooden and pretty so I tell Jim I am saving it. We use it when little ones come visit.
I felt like I did not want to even blink because I was afraid I would open my eyes and see a teenager sitting there.

I love this little boy so much.
I am so grateful that I get to spend everyday with him.
Please don't let him grow up too fast.

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