Sunday, January 18, 2009

babies everywhere!

Seems like there are babies POPPING up everywhere.
These pictures are from Renee's shower. Suzanne had it at her house on Friday.
Renee POPPED her baby out about a month early so baby Sarah got to come enjoy her very own baby shower!
A little over a month ago we had a shower for our friend Tara. Her baby Sophia POPPED out about 5 weeks ago. She got to come enjoy this shower with her mom.
Our other friend LaRae POPPED baby Adyson out a couple of weeks ago.
We are waiting on our other friend Cassie to POP baby Grace out. Any day now.
Hopefully someone with share with us?

Suzanne and I lovin on these babies!!!!

This is baby Sophia. I was her mom's nurse when she was born.

This is baby Sarah. It was her special day. Isn't she beautiful! She is about 3 weeks old here.

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