Friday, November 26, 2010


I was walking the dogs early this morning.
No one else was out yet and it was COLD!
I was really feeling so very, very thankful
for our new little home.
I was even thankful for the cold because
we have had enough of hot weather!
I am thankful for this huge yard
that we don't have to mow.
(Jim is probably more thankful than I am.)
The kids play out here
all of the time.
They find snails and play with the
neighborhood cats.
The big trees are beautiful.
Our table sits by the front window so
whenever we are eating we have a
beautiful view.
The kids really love this park.
It is a little old fashion which is a nice change.
Most new parks do not have swings
and teeter-totters are never seen anymore.
The pool is on the otherside of this playground.
I know we will be very thankful for
that this summer.

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