Friday, May 15, 2009

Danille's Welcome Home Party.

Emma's friend Danille went to South Africa with her mom Suzanne for an entire month! They were visiting family. While they were gone we borrowed her dad to help us with our move. God's timing is so awesome. If Suzanne and Danille had been home we would have never been able to keep Neil working as much as he did. Our move also brought us about 2 minutes from their house. How cool is that!
Emma missed Danille very much so she planned a welcome home party for her.

Everything is ready, waiting for the guest of honor.
The food - Emma's choice.
The girls! Caitlin, Danille and Emma.

Some pink lemonade.

Even Jim stopped by and joined in the fun. Notice the "sweet pinky."

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Amelia said...

I LOVE THIS! You often share things that make me so glad that I have a daughter and little tea parties is definitely one of those things. :-) How sweet that Emma loves her friend so much and wanted to welcome her home in a special way.